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incorporated 1737

Kensington Town Seal

Kensington, a small rural community of approximately 1800 people, is situated in southeastern Rockingham County, about 8 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Kensington remains a community of farms, woodlands & pastures, and wetlands; and the roads have names like Stumpfield, Wild Pasture, Drinkwater, Hemlock, Juniper, and Muddy Pond. Kensington is a community where old fashioned values still prevail.

Approximately 12 square miles in size, Kensington has four state owned roads running through it: Routes 84, 107, 108, and 150.

The downtown, though small, serves the needs of the community well: a Town Hall, an elementary school (grades K-5), a library, two churches, Fire Department, Police Department, and a cemetery. Two restaurants, a convenience store, James R. Rosencrantz and C.P Lumber form the commercial base of Kensington, with Exeter & Hampton Electric the primary industry in the town.

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