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Town Clerk's Office  

Town Clerk's Office

Dawn Frost- Town Clerk
Carol Beers-Witherell- Deputy Town Clerk


Phone 603.772.5423x1

fax 603.772.6841 


The Town Clerk's Office will be
November 10, 2016
for maintenance.

 NEW HOURS EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 until further notice:

                                                 Tuesday       3-7pm

                                     Wednesday       3-6pm 

                      Thursday       10:00am – 1:00pm __________________________________________________________
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Please be aware that during the 2012 legislative session the NH state Legislature passed a House Bill 1354 requiring identification when voting in NH. We have posted information about the new law at the Kensington Town Offices, and the Kensington Grocery. You may also use this link Voter Identification Law to view the new requirements.




Application for Vital Records Request
How to Apply for a Marriage License
How to Register your Car by Mail
Power of Attorney Form
Landlord Agent Form
FAQs on the NH Dept of Motor Vehicles
NH Vitals Records Administration
Voting in New Hampshire



All vehicles that travel over the road are required to be registered. When you come in to the town offices to register your vehicles you will be required to pay a fee to the Town of Kensington and to the State of NH-DMV. The town fee is based on the year and retail list price of the vehicle. It is a property tax, which is deductible. The State fee is based on the weight of the vehicle and is not tax deductible. Be aware that we do not accept credit cards. Please bring two separate checks or cash for your automobile registration fees. Also, please remember that it is the law that you must being a copy of your previous year's registration in order to renew. Renewal Requirements

Registration renewals are done yearly in the owner's birth month. The renewal month for leased vehicles and vehicles registered in the name of a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity is determined by the first letter or number of the company name.

Vehicle inspections are also required yearly and are due in the month of renewal with a grace period of ten days. Newly registered vehicles need to be inspected 10 days from date of registration with the town clerk. Inspections can be done at any of the state authorized Vehicle Registration Stations. For more information on the vehicle registration and inspection process visit the FAQs on the NH Dept of Motor Vehicles web site.

A new adult dog should be licensed immediately with the Town Clerk. A puppy may be licensed as soon as it is 4 months old. The license year for dogs is May 1 - April 30. The license may be obtained prior to the April 30 expiration date and are available beginning January 1. The fees are as follows:
Male/Female $9.00
Spayed Female / Neutered Male 6.50
Dogs under 7 months 6.50
Senior Citizen (65 Years - first animal only) 2.00

A current rabies certificate, proof of spaying or neutering (if necessary), or previous year's dog license are required for licensing.

A $1 per month late fee for each month after May 31st.

If you fail to license your dog each year a $25 fine will be issued by the Kensington Police Department.

The Town Clerk's office is able to print Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates for any New Hampshire town from approximately 1988 to present. The fee is $15 for the first copy and $10 for each additional copy ordered at the same time. Older Town of Kensington birth, marriage, and death certificates are available as well. We would appreciate as much advanced notice as possible when requesting older records as we must have time to search and make copies.

Marriage Licenses may be obtained at our office. The fee is $45 and both applicants must be present and have ID. A marriage license is valid for 90 days after issuance. Please call our office if you have any questions about documentation requirements.

Requirements to obtain an original driver's license (18 years of age or older) can be found by clicking on this link.

(603) 772-5423 ext. 1 
Mailing and Physical Address: 95 Amesbury Road Kensington, NH

(603) 772-5423 phone  (603) 772-6841 fax