Recycling in Kensington to Begin June 5, 2018

Kensington to start recycling June 5, 2018- NO PLASTIC BAGS WILL BE ACCEPTED


Great job recycling Kensington!! There were no extra charges for June or July, and the single stream charge was $89.00 per ton both months.  Please remember that this cost is still expected to increase due to the market.   

The board is looking to get a mailing out to residents to further explain the recycling and what is acceptable and what is not.  Please look for this mailing within the next few weeks.  Dated: July 25, 2018.

Beginning on June 5, 2018, recycling in Kensington will resume and will be picked up on the same day as trash pickup.  It will remain single stream until further notice and acceptable items need to be CLEANANY NON COMPLIANT ITEMS WILL BE LEFT CURBSIDE AND ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PROPERTY OWNER TO TAKE CARE OF.  


Plastic with symbols #1-#7 only. Clear, green, and brown glass bottles, paper (no metal hanging folders) cardboard 2’ x 2’ pieces, flatten all boxes, steel cans (soup, tuna, etc.) and aluminum cans (soda, etc.).

Unacceptable Items:

  • No pizza boxes /containers with food/grease stains, no bagged items, or plastic bags. 
  • No Metal OR aerosol cans.

No metal OR aerosol cans.

If any items are found at curbside that do not comply with instructions, it will be left.  Because if identified at recycling plant as non-compliant the whole truck load will be considered trash and disposed of as such and an additional charge will be billed to the town.   

See any town office at the town hall for a full list of acceptable items.   List of recyclable items 

The trash container size will be enforced.  Trash barrels are not to exceed 32 gallons in size and weight maximum of 50 lbs.  They will be left curbside if they are not in compliance. This has been the practice for some time.