What do I need to know about registering my car if I'm a new resident?

New Residents:

You will need to bring in your current driver's license or other official photo ID and proof of your address in Kensington, NH. You can prove residency with a utility bill such as Comcast, Gas or Electric bill. If your address in Kensington is a PO Box, then you will need to provide a utility bill showing the utility address in your name to prove residency. If you do not have any utilities in your name, the person whose name the utility is in needs to write a letter stating you live at that address with them.  

Also as a reminder, if you have just moved to NH, you have 60 days to apply for a NH Driver's License by NH State Law (RSA 263:35). If you do not apply for a NH Drivers License within the 60 days, you will not be allowed to renew your vehicle registration, or register any other vehicles.

For renewal of a vehicle registered in a different NH City/Town last year you must bring your current registration in to our office to renew.

To change your address with the State of NH, fill out this form (DSMV 30) and bring it in with proof of residency (electric utility bill, cable/internet bill, or a letter from the person you are living with who has utilities in their name).

Please note that if you are registering a vehicle for the first time with a title, all parties listed as buyers need to be present with their photo identification in order to process a new title. (even if there is an "or" between the names. all that means is that only one name is needed to sell it.)

Due to new state rules please be prepared to have your drivers license available when doing any motor vehicle transactions.