Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission's mission is to properly utilize and protect the natural resources in the Town of Kensington. To that end, the Commission works to: (1) Prepare and maintain a Natural Resource Inventory; (2) Manage Conservation Land/Town Forest; (3) Develop Conservation Plans; and (4) Facilitate the preservation of Open Space. In addition the Commission works with local landowners on issues where wetlands and other natural resources could be impacted.

The Conservation Commission has 4 active members and is looking for more members!  The Commission is able to have not less than 3 members and not more than 7 members, so there are 3 seats currently open.

Please contact the town at, or a current member for more information or interest.

Commission Members

Name Title
Sydnee Goddard Committee Chair
Joan Skewes
Robert Gustafson
Pam Holland