Fire Department

Emergency services for the town of Kensington are provided by the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD). The department is staffed entirely by volunteers who provide fire protection and emergency medical services. The town of Kensignton is a member of the Interstate Emergency Units (IEC), a mutual aid pact comprised of 46 towns in the seacoast and surrounding area. The pact provides for mutual aid support between Kensington and our surrounding communities. Exeter Hospital has two paramedics on call 24-hours a day who provide additional support for medical emergencies to all of the surrounding communities.

Please visit the official Kensington Volunteer Fire Department website for more information:

Kensington Fire Department Website

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jonathan True Chief 603-918-1615
Scott MacDougall 603-772-5751
Paul Bannister