Energy Committee and Kensington Community Power Committee

Energy Committee Members:
Marianne Horn
Joni Praded
Zeke Schmois
Steve Sniderman
Susan Varn
P. Bartlett Wu


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The purpose of the Energy Committee is to review various energy programs available to the Town of Kensington.  The committee may make recommendations to the Select Board for potential implementation.  These areas will include, but not be limited to:

  • Review methods to reduce town energy consumption (electric, natural gas, fuel consumption, any fossil fuel consumption);
  • Review the town’s recycling program currently being administered by Casella;
  • Evaluation of annual energy-related legislation being proposed in the state legislature and report to the Select Board on implications for Kensington;
  • Review the latest IECC energy codes to see if and how they may be adopted by the town of Kensington;
  • Review the potential for implementing “smart cities” technology including LED lighting that would lead to energy and budgetary savings for the town;
  • Review opportunities for implementation of solar and other alternative energies in the town;
  • Review education methods for town residents regarding energy programs and potential efficiencies;
  • Research and education on various tax incentives available to residents that involve alternative energies for the home and/or business;
  • Periodic updates to the Select Board regarding energy related programs, initiatives, available grants, etc.;
  • Review any available state programs and grants to provide for the promotion of alternative energy (primarily through the Office of Energy Planning and NHDES);
  • Review any other programs or activities in town government that may include an energy savings component, “green technology” component, or green infrastructure component.
  • The board of selectmen will appoint 5 members to the group and one ex-officio member of the board.
  • Participation from residents not appointed is encouraged.

Kensington Community Power Committee
Zeke Schmois
Marianne Horn
Bart Wu