Dog Registrations


Online Dog Licensing

 Follow the Link above for Online Dog Licensing

A new adult dog should be licensed immediately with the Town Clerk. A puppy may be licensed as soon as it is 4 months old. The license year for dogs is May 1 - April 30. The license may be obtained prior to the April 30 expiration date and are available beginning January 1. The fees are as follows:

Male/Female $10.00
Spayed Female / Neutered Male $7.50
Dogs under 7 months $7.50
Senior Citizen (65 Years - first animal only) $3.00

A current rabies certificate, proof of spaying or neutering (if necessary), or previous year's dog license are required for licensing.

A $1 per month late fee for each month after May 31st

If you fail to license your dog each year prior to June 1st additional fines + fees will be issued by the Kensington Police Department.