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Dear valued customer,

For 20 years, Interware has proudly served local governments to provide the very best citizen payment services in the industry. Today we are reaching out to inform you that we’ll be implementing our first price increase since 2004 for our online and over-the-counter payment services.

We understand that any price increase can be challenging, and we would like to take a moment to explain why this change is necessary. Inflation continues to be the primary driver, and our costs related to technology services, hardware, and data security advancements have significantly increased…especially over the last few years.

Starting on April 1st, 2023, our citizen-sponsored fees will be adjusted as follows:

Online transaction fees: $1.75 per item (previously $1.50)

E-Check payments: $1.50 per payment

This increase is essential for us to maintain the high level of service that we continually strive to provide and to continue to invest in the partnership we all value. Our mission remains to deliver best-in-class services, innovative technology, and industry-leading security to you and your citizens.

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Vehicle Registration

Online Vehicle Registration

***PLEASE BE ADVISED, WHEN REQUESTING CAR REGISTRATION ONLINE your car is not registered until Town Clerk completes the registration in the office and you receive the registration in the mail, sign it AND place decal on license plate.

All vehicles that travel over the road are required to be registered. When you come in to the town offices to register your vehicles you will be required to pay a fee to the Town of Kensington and to the State of NH-DMV. The town fee is based on the year and retail list price of the vehicle. It is a property tax, which is deductible. The State fee is based on the weight of the vehicle and is not tax deductible. Be aware that we do not accept credit cards. Please bring two separate checks or cash for your automobile registration fees. Also, please remember that it is the law that you must bring a copy of your previous year's registration in order to renew.  Your Drivers License is also required.

Renewal Requirements 

Registration renewals are done yearly in the owner's birth month. The renewal month for leased vehicles and vehicles registered in the name of a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity is determined by the first letter or number of the company name.

Renewing a registration: Bring your current motor vehicle registration to the town or city where you reside to pay your permit fees first. The DMV cannot process the registration without the town fees being paid first. Most towns/cities are also municipal agents of the state and, for a small, additional fee, can also complete the state portion of your registration. KENSINGTON TOWN CLERK will renew your registration for you even if you send someone to do it for you, as long as that person has their license and a copy or the original registration.

If you have lost your registration that is coming up for renewal, we will renew the registration for the registered owner only with their drivers license.

Vehicle inspections are also required yearly and are due in the month of renewal with a grace period of ten days. Newly registered vehicles need to be inspected 10 days from date of registration with the town clerk. Inspections can be done at any of the state authorized Vehicle Registration Stations.

For more information on the vehicle registration and inspection process visit the FAQs on the NH Dept of Motor Vehicles web site.

Registration Transfers

To transfer a registration from a currently registered vehicle to another vehicle (for example you purchase a new vehicle and would like to put plates on it from another vehicle registered to you), you will need to bring your current registration of the plate you want transferred and proof of ownership for the new vehicle to the town or city clerk where you reside. Transfer credit is only allowed if the primary owner's name on the old registration and the new registration do not change. Please note: Once the plates have been transferred, the old vehicle is no longer legally registered and may not be driven on any roadway.

If you are a surviving spouse, please bring your title and/or lienholder information to your town/city clerk and a copy of your spouse's death certificate. If it is a new vehicle, no credit will be given. For lease transfers, please bring in your current registration and your new CTA and/or Title to your town or city clerk.

Transfers: When transferring registration, you MUST have your current ORIGINAL registration to surrender to the state. Give a copy to the dealer or the person buying your other car, do not give them your original registration when completing the sale.

To register your vehicle in New Hampshire, you must first go to your town/city clerk's office to determine your residency and start your registration process. Once residency is determined by your town or city clerk, if you have the title of your vehicle or it is exempt from title you may process the entire transaction at your town or city clerk's office.

Registering a vehicle purchased from an out-of-state dealership: Present to your town/city clerk your title from the dealership or the New Hampshire title application from the lienholder. If it is a brand-new vehicle, a Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) is required. Please provide proof of residency if you have not already done so as established by your town/city.

When Renewing your registration, please add the two figures together to get the cost of the renewal, the State Fees and the Municipal Fees. The bottom number is only the Town Fee.

When you have a title for a new car registration all parties that are listed as buyers on the title need to be present to complete the title application. If you have a prepared title application from a dealer, then all parties do not have to be present to complete the registration.

If you need Temp Plates, you will have to complete that transaction at a Sub-station (Epping or Salem), or Concord because Towns do not issue Temp plates.